Increased Revenue

AXT refreshes the highly-viewable placements after 25 sec, thus, increasing viewability and revenue.

Improved Credibility

By ensuring the ads are viewed by an active user, we substantially increase your domain’s credibility.

Top Demand Partners

With AXT, you’re inheriting the demand partners who are proactively bidding for similar inventories.

Easy Integration

A single line of JS can integrate AXT with your site.

Active Exposure Time (AXT)

‘AXT’ monitors your user activity and ad viewability in real time to identify and refresh highly-viewable ads after 25 seconds with a new ad. With AXT, you can consistently deliver viewable Ads for the buyers without compromising CPMs.

How AXT works?

As your users read the content on the page, AXT technology will monitor the activity, engagement rate, and viewability of the ads in real-time. When we know an active user has viewed the ad for at least 25 seconds, it will be refreshed with a new ad. You can consistently increase your impressions without hampering user experience.

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