premium videos

Premium Videos

Embed highly-relevant and premium videos from trusted third-parties on your site.

increased ad revenue

Incremental Revenue

Monetize the video content with the help of targeted in-stream ads

User Experience

Improved User Experience

Engage your readers with the compelling videos and increase time-on-site.

Native video ads


Fast, slick, and sophisticated video player to encourage more video plays.

Video Monetization

Our video monetization platform ensure your readers view the most relevant videos and precisely targeted instream ads with the help of context-matching algorithm

How does it work?

Our technology works just like you. Similar to how you pick the right topic and create content for your readers, our platform understands the context of a web page and places the right video for the topic with the help of the customizable video player. Every time video gets played, we monetize it with targeted in-stream ads.

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