what is automatad lite

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Automatad Team on 4th October, 2018

What is Automatad Lite?

Automatad Lite caters to mid-market publishers who are struggling to experience the independence and premium CPMs as tier one publishers. It allows you to get access to global ad exchanges and proprietary monetization technologies for a flat monthly fee.

How Can You Monetize with Automatad Lite?

Automatad Lite offers three products to help you,

  • a. Sell your impressions at the best possible CPMs.
  • b. Refresh your ads based on viewability and user engagement.
  • c. Access, distribute, and monetize third-party videos.

a. Selling your impressions at the best possible CPMs - Header Bidding.

Most Ad Networks guarantees you best CPMs and 100% fill rate. If so, then why do you see unfilled impressions and passback tags?

The truth is no one Ad Network or Ad Exchange can fill your impressions completely. You need to add passback tags with the hope of filling the ad slots (Waterfall technique). But as the ad request cascade down from one ad network to another, the CPM will also get reduced.

Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique developed to bypass the traditional waterfall and to put every demand partner on an even ground. When you enable header bidding, all our demand sources including AppNexus, Index, and OpenX will bid proactively to win your impressions. The auction happens in real-time as the user loads a webpage. As we’ve intensified competition, you’ll be getting the best possible price and 100% fill rate.

b. Refresh your ads based on viewability and user engagement - Active Exposure Time

While it is true that you can refresh your ads use Google Ad Exchange (not Google AdSense), it isn’t enough to attract premium buyers and higher CPMs. Each and every publisher domain will have a viewability score and engagement score (estimated), which, in turn, determines the quality and CPMs of the ads delivered on your site.

Besides, buyers can identify the placement-level viewability with the DSPs. Hence, just refreshing ads after 60 Sec or 120 Sec will never yield you the best results.

That’s why we’ve developed a technology named as ‘Active Exposure Time (AXT)’ which is capable of measuring and monitoring user events (think clicking, scrolling, typing, etc.). With the help of AXT, only ads which are viewed by an active user for at least 30 Sec are refreshed. This ensures, your viewability score and engagement score stays at the maximum level, thus, attracting higher CPMs for all impressions.

c. Access, distribute, and monetize third-party videos - Third-party video distribution

We all know video ads attract higher CPMs. And, instream video ads are better than outstream video ads in many aspects, be it CPM, user experience, opt-in rate, or video completion rate. But you don’t have to be on YouTube to run pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. In fact, you don’t even need to create video content.

Yes, our video distribution product will help you access and monetize third-party videos from trusted and credible publishers. Our proprietary technology automatically serves your readers with relevant videos and monetize them with top bidder partners, thus, saving you time and work.

Monetization as a Service

And, we’re completely changing the way SSPs charge and developed suitable technologies to serve the Mid-market Publishers. You can access all our services but you don’t have to share 15 or 20 percent of your revenue with us.

You keep what you earn! Just pay us a flat monthly fee!

Give it a Try for 30 days and See for Yourself!